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HSBC Credit Card - 0% p.a. balance transfer
for 6 months

HSBC Credit Card - 0% p.a. balance transfer
for 6 months

Product Image

Purchase Rate
17.99 %

Cash Advance Rate 21.99% p.a.
Interest Free Up to 55 days
Annual Fee$0
Balance Transfer Rate 0% p.a.for first 6 months

  • 0% p.a. Balance Transfer for 6 months from non-HSBC credit cards on application (reverting to the variable cash advance rate).
  • $0 Annual Fee for the LIFE of the credit card.
  • Up to 55 days interest-free on purchases when you pay the full balance (including any balance transfer, promotional purchases and the 0% p.a. balance transfer offer above) by the due date each month.
  • Special privileges at over 19,000 retailers in more than 160 countries and territories with the Home and Away Privilege Program.
  • Additional cardholder fee $0.
  • Interest free purchases of up to 5 years at over 1,000 participating retail outlets across Australia (available at participating retailers, minimum purchases apply, reverts to the cash advance rate after the promotional period).
  • Offer available for new, approved HSBC credit card holders who apply by 30 April 2016.
  • Now available with Apple Pay®. Use your compatible Apple® device to tap and pay with an eligible HSBC credit card.

Card Details

Rewards Program Overseas ATM Availability
Insurance Cover for Purchases Automatic Travel Insurance

Rewards Program

  • Enjoy instant rewards at local retailers around Australia and when travelling overseas thanks to HSBC's Home and Away Privilege Program
  • Receive instant discounts on shopping, entertainment, accommodation, travel and more simply by using your card
  • And what's more, these instant rewards are yours to enjoy as often as you like
Rewards Points per Dollar 0 Linked to Frequent Flyer
Spend to Redeem $100 Gift Card* Frequent Flyer Ratio
Spend at Loyalty Partner for $100 Gift Card* SPEND FOR SYD/MEL RETURN*

Lifetime of Points
Rewards Program Partners Refer to
Rewards Bonus Points Partners N/A
Domestic Airlines
International Airlines
Conditions Refer to to view program terms and conditions.

Annual Fee $0 Minimum Repayment Greater of 3% or $20
Annual Fee First Year $0 Interest Charged From Purchase Date
Rewards Joining Fee $0 Late Payment Fee $30
Supplementary Card Fee $0    
Duplicate Statement Fee $8 Overseas ATM Balance Fee $0
Transaction Verification Fee $10 Overseas ATM Withdrawal Fee $0
Over Limit Fee $30 Overseas Emergency Card Replacement Fee $200

Terms & Conditions
Credit provided by HSBC Bank Australia Limited ABN 48 006 434 162 Australian Credit Licence 232595. Fees, charges, terms and conditions apply. Visit or call 132 152. HSBC's lending criteria apply. HSBC credit card account holders who have previously cancelled their card may be ineligible for this promotional offer. 1 The $0 annual fee is available for new customers and applies to the standard HSBC Credit Card only and only applies while you remain an HSBC Credit Card customer. 2 To be eligible for the introductory balance transfer rate, the balance transfer request must be made at the time of applying for the new HSBC credit card. The interest rate on the balance transfer applies for six months and must be from non-HSBC credit cards. After this period, any balance outstanding from the balance transfer will accrue interest at the cash advance rate (currently 21.99% p.a. as at 18-Jan-16 and subject to change). HSBC will allocate payments we receive from you to pay off the portion of your balance which attracts the highest interest rate first and subsequently to portions of your balance attracting lower interest rates. This may mean applying any and all payments made to your HSBC Credit Card account to pay off other transactions such as purchases and cash advances before any balance transfer amount. Offer not available to current or previous HSBC credit card holders. 3 Depending on when you make your purchases, when your statement is issued, and if you pay off the total outstanding balance on your next statement of account on or before the due date. There are no interest free days on cash advances and balance transfers. You will not gain the benefit of the interest free period unless you pay the full balance (including any Balance Transfer or promotional purchases) by the due date. 4 Available at participating retailers only. A list of retailers is available at Minimum purchase and conditions apply. Interest free finance is applied only to promotional transactions for the specified period. Balances outstanding at the end of the promotional period will form part of the normal account balances and will accrue interest at the cash advance rate (currently 21.99% p.a. as at 18-Jan-16 and subject to change). Monthly repayments are required and calculated at 3% of the outstanding balance or $30, whichever is higher. 5 home&Away Privilege Program conditions apply.

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* For cards with reward programs that allow you to earn points, unless otherwise noted, the best case scenario of everyday spending is used when calculating the spend required to earn a reward. Everyday spending does not include bonus points that may be earned by shopping with loyalty partners. For rewards programs that have monthly caps, we assume you stay under that cap and for products with two cards, we assume spending is with the highest earning card. For programs that allow you to convert points for air travel at a price that changes from day to day, we have assumed that the flight is $300 (taxes and charges inclusive).

Visa® is a registered trademark of Visa International Services Association.
The MasterCard® brand is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated.

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