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Featured Broking Accounts
Online Brokerage Rates
$10k Trade
$20K Trade
HSBC Online Share Trading
  • Receive up to $600 in brokerage rebates* for your first 20 trades. Trades must be completed within 3 months of opening a new Online Share Trading Account.
  • Trade from $15.95 per trade to the value of $15,000 and 0.11% for trades over $15,000.
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ANZ Share Investing
  • Trade from $19.95
  • Free independent research to make informed decisions
  • Trade on 11 international markets
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Bell Direct
  • 2 Seconds Placement Guarantee
  • Free conditional orders
  • Free broker research
  • Free end of year report for tax purposes
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Find and compare brokers that suit your trading needs.

Search and compare margin loans from a range of providers.



Investment News

Shares vs savings accounts

Investors have been tolerating low savings interest rates for four years now but term deposits and savings accounts continue to be very popular.  Read full article

Now is the time to borrow and invest

Last week, treasurer Joe Hockey said now is the time to borrow and invest while interest rates are low. Read full article

Do you understand your investment loans?

A Westpac financial adviser, Robert Tindall, provided negligent and misleading advice to Westpac Sunshine Coast customers Mark and Loretta Jamieson who did not understand their loans, the Queensland Court of Appeal has ruled. Read full article

Triple benefits to borrowing to invest in property

Borrowing to invest in property means the interest is tax deductible. Read full article

Investors are turning away from shares to deposits

MLC reports that investors are planning to allocate more of their funds to paying off debt, savings accounts and term deposits. Read full article

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Investment Guides

5 things to consider when choosing shares

Building a successful investment portfolio comes down to having a good strategy and that starts with choosing the right shares. Read full article

5 things to consider when choosing margin loans

When it comes to choosing a margin loan, its your needs that matter most. That means comparing providers to find the best deal for you. Read full article

Key terms you should know about margin loans

Margin loans help build your investment portfolio faster, but its important to understand the lingo. Here are some common terms explained. Read full article

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Investment comparison Service

At InfoChoice, you’ll find it so much easier to choose an online broker, quickly and easily, based on your own clear financial strategy. That’s because InfoChoice offers you an accurate comparison of your options. You won’t need to spend valuable time on prior research - just sit back and compare margin loans or online brokers providers at a glance.

In terms of online brokers you can choose between full service online brokers providing research, derivative trading or simply an “execution only service”. 

Creating your shortlist becomes so much more efficient and accurate when you use our unique ‘Investment Selector’ tool. Just enter your required criteria and InfoChoice will instantly create for you an easy-to-digest shortlist of options.

When it comes to your finances, it pays to make the right choice. Choose your Investment service on your terms – not the banks’.


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