Find The Right Savings Account for you

Whether you want to open an online savings account, or looking to browse a range of term deposits, InfoChoice allows you to search and compare your options in one place, like monthly account service fees and accessibility. Our savings calculator also gives you insight into how much interest you could earn.

Savings Account Types

Term Deposits

Invest funds for a locked or fixed period and get a fixed rate of interest over a certain period. There are many term deposits rates available, so research which product and term suits you with our comparison area. Comparison area

High Interest Savings Accounts

Many institutions have high-interest savings account products that offer a higher interest rate, or in some cases, a bonus or introductory special rate. This can often include incentives like making regular deposits, limiting the number of withdrawals or maintaining a minimum balance. Compare now

Online Savings Accounts

Online bank accounts may typically offer higher interest rates, are self-managed and generally accessed via online, including facilities to conduct transactions, link accounts and more. Compare our savings accounts here

Incentive / Bonus Saver Accounts

Get rewarded with bonus interest simply by meeting certain criteria, such as making regular deposits and no withdrawals. Access them here

Cash Management Accounts

Deposit funds between investments and get easy access to your savings. And with tiered interest, the interest rate may increase with more money deposits. Compare Cash Management Accounts

Children’s Savings Accounts

Encourage children to save and develop good money management habits early on with a savings account specifically designed for them. It is important to understand how income earned in these accounts is treated for tax purposes, so please check with the Australian Taxation Office for more information. Compare Children’s Savings Accounts

Self-Managed Super & Retirement Accounts

An alternative to a superannuation fund, a superannuation savings account is a flexible and convenient way to save for retirement, although it can be very complex and require a lot of work; you need to do your research and understand your obligations.Compare Superannuation Funds

Everyday Transaction Accounts

Withdraw and deposit, withdraw and deposit. Everyday transaction accounts are the simple way to conduct transactions day to day, and are commonly used to manage your day to day banking needs while also being linked to a savings account. They can differ quite a lot in terms of features and fees, so it’s important to find one that suits your banking habits. Compare Everyday Savings Accounts