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Small Business Loans

Business Loans Comparison

Choosing the right business loan can be the game changer of any small business. Whether you are looking for a loan, overdraft, line of credit or the perfect interest rate – it is important to make the most informative decision to assist with that.

At InfoChoice, we compare a range of business loans providing you with the tools to define your own personalised shortlist. We understand time is money - by providing you with relevant and accurate research this allows you to do it with ease.

Keep on top of your competition every step of the way. Check out our latest guides, news and calculators to help you master your banking requirements.

Small Business Loans Selector

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  • Loan Amount: 20,000
  • Interest Rate: Variable

Institution Product Name Interest Rates Apply
Variable 1 Yr Fixed 2 Yr Fixed 3 Yr Fixed 4 Yr Fixed 5 Yr Fixed 6 Yr Fixed 7 Yr Fixed
Small Business Loan (starting at 0.67% per month) - 24 hour funding available 0.67 0.67 Go to site
ANZ Business Variable Loan 8.90 Go to site
Unsecured Business Line of Credit (starting at 0.5% per month) 0.50  
Unsecured Business Loan (starting at 0.7% per month) 0.70  
Prospa Business Loan (starting at 1% per month) 1.00  
Business Loans (Extra Easy to be Eligible) 4.55 4.55 4.55 4.55 4.55 4.55 4.55 4.55  
Small Business - Business Essentials - Special Offer - Commercial 4.85  
Small Business - Business Essentials Loan - Residential 5.14 - - - - - - -  
Small Business - Business Essentials Loan - Special Offer - $10,000 to $249,999 5.14  
Fully Drawn Loan 5.24 4.59 4.19 4.29 4.54 4.79 - -  
Bendigo Business Residential Investment Loan - with Package Plus ($500k+) 5.26  
Business Loan 5.34 5.19 5.06 4.99 5.24 5.33 5.99  
Bendigo Business Residential Investment Loan - with Package Plus ($250k - $499,999) 5.36  
Business Term Loan 5.48 5.10 5.24 5.34  
Bendigo Business Residential Investment Loan - with Package ($50k - $249,999) 5.56  
Business Equity Access Loan 5.57  
SMALLBiz Investment Loan 5.59 4.79 4.89 4.99 5.24 5.24 - -  
Small Business - Business Essentials Loan - Commercial 5.64  
Self-Managed Super Fund Investment Loan - Commercial Security Only 5.69 5.99 5.99 5.99 6.34 6.34  
Business Term Loan 5.73 6.10 6.00 6.34  
Institution Product Name Variable 1 Yr Fixed 2 Yr Fixed 3 Yr Fixed 4 Yr Fixed 5 Yr Fixed 6 Yr Fixed 7 Yr Fixed Apply
Interest Rates

Sponsored Business Loans
InfoChoice displays business loans from providers that sponsor our site first and with a “SPONSORED” indicator in the left most column. To re-sort the list without this filter - simply  de-select the “Show sponsored listings first” checkbox.

Business Banking Loans

At InfoChoice, you’ll find it so much easier to choose the right business loan for you, quickly and easily, based on your own clear financial strategy.  That’s because InfoChoice offers you relevant and accurate comparison of available business loan options. You won’t need to spend valuable time on prior research - just sit back and compare business loan providers at a glance.

A number of features will define your ideal business loan, depending largely on the type of loan you require. Are you looking for a fully drawn advance, an overdraft or a line of credit? Are you happy to pay entry fees, exit fees or annual fees? Perhaps most importantly in a business loan, there’s the question of interest and your repayment structure to consider.

Beyond those matters, you’ll also need to decide whether you’ll put up residential or non-residential security against your loan? Do you require a short term business loan for a year, or perhaps a loan with longer lifespan, of up to five years? Depending on your preference for security or flexibility, you’ll go with a fixed or variable interest rate. There are so many business loans available today; it can be hard to know where to begin.

Comparing business loans may be simple enough, but the prior research required can be exhausting, which is why so many people give up. Many will even select their business loan based on the most emotive advertising campaign, and then wonder where their financial strategy went wrong!

You’ll find creating your business loan shortlist becomes so much more efficient and accurate with our unique ‘Loan Selector’ tool. Simply input your required criteria, including the type of business loan, your State, the amount sought, desired repayment period, and interest rate you require. We’ll instantly create a convenient and easy-to-digest shortlist of business loan options to suit your needs. You can even use our business loan calculator to test various repayment scenarios before you settle on your ideal business loan.

When it comes to your finances, it pays to make the right choice. Choose your next business loan on your terms – not the banks’.


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