Savings accounts vs. term deposits

If you want to save money and earn interest, savings accounts and term deposits are both worth looking into. We’ve examined the differences and similarities between [...]

POSTED ON October 28, 2016
Key term deposit terms you should know

Term deposits offer a guaranteed return, making them particularly popular among more cautious investors or as a low-risk component of a diversified investment portfolio. However, [...]

POSTED ON October 28, 2016
Key savings account terms you should know

Offering higher interest rates than transaction accounts, and with some throwing in bonuses for making regular deposits, savings accounts are designed to help you grow [...]

POSTED ON October 28, 2016
Key credit card terms you should know

Comparing credit cards is easier when you fully understand the different terms and features on offer. At first it might seem like providers are speaking [...]

POSTED ON October 28, 2016
How to apply for a term deposit

Putting your money into a term deposit means locking it away for a pre-determined period at a fixed rate of interest. That way, you’re guaranteed [...]

POSTED ON October 28, 2016
How to apply for a personal loan

With a little preparation, applying for a personal loan could be a quick and easy way to access funds. The interest rates for this type [...]

POSTED ON October 28, 2016
Key home loan terms you should know

There’s a lot to consider when comparing home loans. Should you choose a fixed interest loan or opt for a variable rate? Do you qualify [...]

POSTED ON October 28, 2016
How to apply for a home loan

Owning your own home is the great Australian dream, but signing up for a home loan is a long-term financial commitment. That’s why it’s so [...]

POSTED ON October 28, 2016
How to apply for a credit card

Credit cards are a convenient way to pay bills and shop online. But when it comes to applying for a credit card, it can be [...]

POSTED ON October 28, 2016
Refinancing is the new black

Mortgage refinancing is switching your home loan to another lender. You do this by applying for and taking out a new loan on the same [...]

POSTED ON October 25, 2016
Do you have multiple credit card debts?

For credit cardholders with more than one credit card debt, making the monthly repayments can be difficult. Right now, Aussies collectively owe $51.3 billion on [...]

POSTED ON October 24, 2016
Do you want your smashed avo and a home too?

Respected demographer and social commentator Bernard Salt questioned whether “hipsters” should be spending money on “smashed avocado” brunches instead of saving for a home deposit. [...]

POSTED ON October 21, 2016
Lenders announce new home loan discounts

Fierce competition amongst Australian lenders has led to a raft of rate cuts. Following the Reserve Bank of Australia’s August rate cut, home loan rates [...]

POSTED ON October 19, 2016
Switching bank accounts is easy

Switching to a new transaction banking account with another bank or credit union may seem like a lot of hassle. Many Aussies put up with [...]

POSTED ON October 7, 2016
Is it time to refinance?

Most Australian home buyers are paying too much for their home loan. While average mortgage rates are low, many lenders have not passed on all [...]

POSTED ON October 4, 2016
Which bank is the best for online banking?

More than fourteen million Australian banking customers went online to do their banking in August 2016 according to Nielsen Digital Ratings. The number of Aussies [...]

POSTED ON September 28, 2016
Help! I’m in mortgage stress!

Despite record low interest rates, many Australians are reporting they are struggling to keep up with home loan repayments. Cutting back on other essential expenses, [...]

POSTED ON August 18, 2016
How can I get Apple Pay on my iPhone?

Apple Pay is now available in Australia, through one bank’s credit card and transaction accounts only. ANZ Bank is offering Apple Pay on ANZ Visa [...]

POSTED ON August 17, 2016
Australians love Visa and Mastercard debit

Australian consumers are paying off their credit cards according to the latest Reserve Bank payment data. The average balance accruing interest on credit and charge [...]

POSTED ON August 15, 2016
What is an interest-only home loan?

Interest-only mortgages require the borrower to repay only the interest on the loan. The original loan amount - the principal - is not repaid until [...]

POSTED ON August 2, 2016
Are you unhappy with your bank?

Customer satisfaction ratings for home loan borrowers has dived. Customer satisfaction scores for Australia’s big four banks has plummeted to their lowest levels since 2013 [...]

POSTED ON July 25, 2016
Personal loans – a world of choice

The personal loan market is changing - for the better and borrowers are enjoying better products, lower interest rates and more choice than ever before.  [...]

POSTED ON July 22, 2016
Fixed repayment option credit cards

Fixed repayment credit cards are a new innovation in the Australian credit card market. Fixed repayment credit cards are worth considering for people who want [...]

POSTED ON July 20, 2016
ANZ installs Forex ATMs

ANZ announced that it has installed two ANZ Foreign Exchange ATMs at Melbourne airport. The specially designed ATMs can dispense foreign currency up to a [...]

POSTED ON August 27, 2010
Home buyers shun the high cost of moving

Investors and owner occupiers tend to hold houses longer than they hold units. Rpdata’s senior research analyst Cameron Kusher said Melbourne and Sydney have the [...]

POSTED ON August 25, 2010
Westpac says no rate rise from us

Westpac will not be moving to raise its standard variable mortgage rates unless the Reserve Bank lifts the official cash rate said Westpac chief executive [...]

POSTED ON August 24, 2010
Mortgage exit fees are reasonable

A little more than half the people refinancing their mortgages pay exit fees and of those who do pay fees only about one-third pay more [...]

POSTED ON August 11, 2010
Auctions now a 50/50 bet in Sydney

Auction results improved slightly this week in Sydney with 6 per cent of 349 properties listed for auction on Saturday selling on the day. Last [...]

POSTED ON August 9, 2010
Guide to Refinancing Your Home Loan

It may be worth refinancing your mortgage. Recent increases in interest rates, a change in personal circumstances or the introduction of new laws on unconscionable [...]

POSTED ON August 5, 2010
Customers are banking online

A report by Mintel Comperemedia found that 70 per cent of adults who use the Internet use online banking. Another seven per cent have signed [...]

POSTED ON July 26, 2010