Enable Javascript

Updated on 17 May, 2022

Instructions on Enabling Javascript:


Internet Explorer 5.5 and above

1. From Tools select Internet Options

2. Under the Security tab select the Internet icon

3. Click the Custom level button

4. For each of the options for Scripting, ensure ‘enable' is selected

5. Click OK

6. Answer Yes to the prompt box that appears

7. Click OK again



1. Click on the run Adobe Flash icon on the flash player

2. A popup will appear asking if you want to allow Adobe Flash to run on this site; Click Allow

3. Refresh the page


1. Click on the “i” icon at the beginning of the address bar

2. A popup will appear; Click on “Site Settings”

3. Scroll down in the permissions list and find “Flash”

4. Change the Flash setting from “Block (default)” to “Allow”

5. Close the Site Settings page then reload the web page



Other Browsers

Infochoice does not guarantee that Calculators are supported by browsers besides the ones listed above.

Mobile phones do not support flash players.

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