Bankwest Smart eSaver

Bankwest Smart eSaver
Seeing things grow makes people happy.
At Bankwest we’ve learned from our happiness experts that people like to see things grow. That’s why we’ve designed our NEW Bankwest Smart eSaver online savings account to deliver you the best opportunity to increase your wealth.
Open an account right now, and if you make no withdrawals in any given month, you will earn our variable Smart Rate of 4.75% p.a.
If you need to withdraw some money in any month, for those little emergencies that tend to pop up now and then, you’ll earn our variable Standard Rate of 3.00% p.a.
We’ll also guarantee that our variable Standard Rate will at least match the RBA official Cash Rate until 30/06/2011. Of course, there are no fees and no minimum deposit.
Grow your online savings faster with the new Bankwest Smart eSaver account:
?   4.75% p.a. variable Smart Rate each month you make no withdrawals.
?   3.00% p.a. variable Standard Rate each month you make withdrawals.
?   No fees and no minimum deposit.

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