Bankwest Telenet

Bankwest TeleNet Saver

TeleNet Saver is offering a great variable Special Introductory Interest Rate of 6.15% p.a.. Plus, there's absolutely no fees and no minimum balance.
That's a hot deal!

Don't forget, if you're an existing TeleNet Saver Customer in your Introductory period, you get the variable special Introductory Interest Rate for the remainder of your introductory period.

With TeleNet Saver, your money is at call so you can access your cash via Bankwest Online Banking whenever you need to, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

?   Goes to variable Standard Rate after 12 months, now 4.5%

?   No fees and no minimum deposit

?   New TeleNet Saver customers

? $5m maximum investment

? Rates subject to change


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