Intech Credit Union

A Six Month Rate with Real Byte!

Great Rates on Term Deposits!


Over $100,000

$50,000 to $99,999

$20,000 to $49,999

$5,000 to $19,999
6 months
5.80% p.a.
5.70% p.a.
5.60% p.a.
5.50% p.a.

No more Lazy Money!

Term deposits make your money work the hardest for you. If you are looking for the best return for your money and ready access is not an issue, then a Term Deposit is your best option.

With some of the best rates available and with the option of a ‘regular income' payment, Intech has the product to suit you.

*Rates are current as of 1 Sep 2005 and subject to change.

*Interest is payable on maturity. You should carefully read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) in deciding whether this is the right product for you. A PDS is available upon request or online at Early exit fees may apply.