Would you like a Low Rate, Fully Featured Home or Investment Loan with a true Offset Account??

All new direct loan applications in the month of October for the “Royal Variable with Offset” home loan from Infochoice will receive $1000 cash back on Settlement*.

This is a fully featured loan with an offset account.

Look at these great features!!!

  • Any funds sitting in the offset account are offset against the loan balance so that interest is calculated on the remaining lower balance.
  • This product can save you many thousands of dollars and reduce the term of their loan as well as your taxable income.
  • The loan and offset account come equipped with free Debit Card, Deposit Card, Internet and Phone Banking, Redraw, Extra Payments, Loan Splitting, Salary Crediting, Direct Crediting, Direct Debiting etc.
  • Withdraw from the offset account via ATM & EFTPOS, Internet & Phone banking, Third Party Direct Debits and a Chequebook
  • Deposit into the offset account via Deposit card at Australia Post, Bank Transfer, BPAY, Direct Credit, Salary Credit.

Loan size is from $200,000 to $2,000,000, we can lend you up to 95% of your property value, and interest rates start from a super low 6.72%!! Comparison rate from 6.76%**

* You must print this offer from this website and attach it to your loan application to receive the $1000 cash back on settlement.

** Comparison Rate calculated on a loan amount of $150,000 secured over a term of 25 years. A comparison rate schedule is available upon request.

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