Credit Card Interest Rate Deals

Looking forward to one of life’s great adventures? Maybe an overseas trip or you’re planning on fitting out your new pad. Either way, there are some big expenses coming up and a credit card with an introductory rate may be worth considering.

If you were already planning to pay off your purchases with a credit card, getting a card with an introductory rate may make sense if the timing is right:

  • Check how long the special low rate applies for – you’ll need to make your purchases then;
  • You’ll also want to make a big dent in your repayments during this period to make it worth your while.

Handy Tip

At the end of the introductory period, any outstanding balance will start to attract the usual purchase interest rate. So be sure to consider that rate as well when choosing your new card.

As always, review the terms and conditions before applying for your chosen credit card. This information is a summary and provides general information that may not apply to every card.

Published: 22 April 2009

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