Thirty three ways you can get Apple Pay

Would you switch banks to enable Apple Pay on your iPhone? Apple Pay is the new way to shop and pay for goods and services by tapping your iPhone on a PayWave or PayPass reader in store. Today, Tuesday 15 December 2016, 31 additional banks and credit unions have gone live with Apple Pay. They join ANZ Bank and American Express as Apple Pay pioneers in Australia.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple says Apple Pay is a simple way to pay in-store or within selected apps and on participating websites. Your card details are never shared with the merchant or anyone else when you use Apple Pay. Apple says that makes Apple Pay purchases safer and more private.

To use Apple Pay in stores, hold your iPhone near the PayPass, PayWave or Apple Pay reader with your finger on Touch ID. If you are using an Apple Watch for Apple Pay, double-click the side button and then hold it near the reader.

Apple Pay is also available for making online and in-app purchases. To use Apple Pay at an online checkout you simply place your finger on Touch ID.

New MacBook Pro computers feature a Touch Bar that enables the user to complete purchases by simply placing their finger on Touch ID.

How to get Apple Pay

Apple Pay needs to be linked to a Visa, Mastercard or American Express issued credit, charge or debit card. When you make a purchase using Apple Pay the money is deducted from your linked card.

To get Apple Pay you need a card issued by a participating financial institution. That card can either be a credit card that must be repaid each month or an everyday transaction account with a linked Visa or Mastercard debit card.

Which banks and credit unions now offer Apple Pay?

ANZ Bank was the first financial institution in Australia to offer Apple Pay for it’s customers. American Express issued charge and credit cards also offer Apple Pay. American Express cards issued by banks (except ANZ Bank) do not offer Apple Pay.

Now, 31 banks and credit unions have launched Apple Pay for their customers. They are:

Bank Australia

Bank of Sydney

Beyond Bank Australia

Big Sky Building Society

Australian Unity

CAPE Credit Union

Central West Credit Union

Illawarra Credit Union

Catalyst Money

Community First Credit Union

Northern Beaches Credit Union

Credit Union Australia (CUA)

Credit Union SA

Defence Bank


First Option Credit Union

Goldfields Money

Goulburn Murray Credit Union Co-Op

Holiday Coast Credit Union

Horizon Credit Union

Intech Credit Union

Laboratories Credit Union

My State Bank

The Rock

Northern Inland Credit Union

People's Choice Credit Union

Police Bank

Customs Bank

QT Mutual Bank

Select Encompass Credit Union

South West Slopes Credit Union

Sydney Credit Union

Teachers Mutual Bank


The Mac (Macarthur Credit Union)

Warwick Credit Union

Woolworths Employees' Credit Union


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