What is a bonus rate on a savings account?

Bonus rate of interest – What is it?

Many high interest online savings accounts feature a ‘bonus rate’ of interest. A savings account bonus rate is an additional rate of interest above the base rate. Savers can often get the bonus rate by meeting certain conditions, like:

– Making a minimum monthly deposit
– Making no withdrawals, or very few withdrawals in a month
– Setting up an Automatic Savings Plan with a regular direct debit from a linked transaction account
– Depositing your salary in a linked transaction account
– Having a linked transaction account with the same bank or credit union
– Sometimes the bonus rate expires after an introductory period – typically three to four months.

Beware of the base rate

So, what’s the base rate all about then? The base rate of a savings account is the amount of interest that will be paid in months when you don’t meet the conditions of the bonus rate. Maybe you missed making a deposit, or made some withdrawals from your savings account. Then you would get the base rate of interest only.

There is a wide range of base rates – from practically zero to generous. If you think you won’t meet the conditions of the bonus rate every single month, you might want to inspect the base rates carefully.

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