What is an Online Broker?

Wrapping your head around the world of shares and stock prices isn’t an easy task. Hiring an online investment broker can help you implement an end-to-end financial strategy.

An online broker can:

·  Manage your online investment portfolio

· Implement an end-to-end, full-service approach

· Sometimes offer advice on which stocks to invest in

When would you use an online broker?

If you’re looking to get into broking but unsure where to start, you can employ a full-service online broker to advise on and manage your investment portfolio. Alternatively, you might already know where you want to invest, in which case an online broker could help with the transactional side of investing.

Either way, an online broker can simplify your life by managing your different investments. These investments might include, but are not limited to:

· Margin trading: This is where you combine your savings with borrowed money to purchase shares, with the shares used as collateral

· Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) shares: Buying and selling shares, also known as trading, is done electronically and through an ASX participant broker

· Managed funds: A managed fund allows an investment manager to buy and sell shares on your behalf. It lets you pool your money with other investors

· Money market securities: This is a way for you to invest a large amount of money for a short period of time

What should you consider when looking for an online broker?

When it comes to managing your financial investments, you want someone trustworthy. So consider the following before making any decisions:

· Investment amount: You need to trust your broker, as they’ll be handling large amounts of your money

· Level of involvement: Depending on your experience and your confidence, you might prefer a broker with a more hands-on approach, or the complete opposite. Work out what you’re comfortable with so you can trust in your broker’s decisions

· Strategy: If you have a particular strategy in mind, it might help to find a broker who has experience in what you’re after

InfoChoice offers a suite of full-service online investment brokers who can help you with research and derivative trading. And if you already know what you’re after, our team can execute your strategy for you.

Start comparing online investment brokers today.

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