2016 Eftpos bug affects thousands

Many Eftpos transactions at merchants serviced by the Bank of Queensland were offline on New Years Day due to a software bug known as the “2016 glitch”. The error is also reported to have affected up to 15,000 merchants, including some Bankwest Eftpos terminals as well.

PIN key pads supplied by Eftpos company Keycorp did not recognise any card with an expiry date sooner than 2016, because the machine wrongly read the year as 2010. Keycorp CEO Joe Bonin told AAP that security was never compromised at any terminal.

“Right now where we're at is just working with our customers, doing some regression testing on the software just to take away the issue that the date stamp on the receipt is still showing 2016, however the key point is the transaction … is showing the correct date and that appears on the merchant's statement and the cardholder's statement.”

Mr Bonin said Keycorp had distributed a solution to merchants who were being helped to fix the problem.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald