ACA handset test surprises

A recent test of 27 mobile phone handsets by the Australian Consumers Association named the top performers as Philips, Ericsson, Samsung, Siemens and Motorola.

The winner was the Philips Xenium [email protected], scoring 78 per cent; second was the Ericsson T39m with 77 per cent; the Samsung SGH-A300 and Siemens ME 45 were equal third with 74 per cent, and the Ericsson T29s and Motorola v66 were equal 5th with 73 per cent.

The popular Nokia range rated at or below the average, which was 67 per cent. Nokia's best performer was the 6210 at 69 per cent. The worst performer was Siemens' A36 at 57 per cent.

The study was carried out in Europe on mid-2001 models. They were rated for sound quality, signal sensitivity, ease of use, durability and battery life. They were not tested for WAP functionality, although most of the phones had this capability. The study revealed considerable improvement in mobile phone technology over the past couple of years. Battery technology, in particular, has improved dramatically, with some phones being able to run on standby for more than a week. All phones except the Nokia passed the durability tests.