ACCC rejects Qantas, Ansett’s Hazelton bids

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has rejected both Qantas and Ansett's bids for Hazelton Airlines due to concerns that a takeover would see regional competition reduced. The ACCC fears a takeover of Hazelton Airlines by either Qantas and Ansett would see competition in the NSW regional air travel market diminish due to the control of Hazelton's valuable landing slots at Sydney Airport. Ansett intends to continue with its attempt to acquire Hazelton despite the ACCC's latest ruling. Meanwhile, Impulse Airlines – who has also placed a bid to merge with Hazelton – has welcomed the ACCC's decision revealing it will pursue merger discussion with Hazelton next week.

‘ACCC ruling sends investors running from Hazelton', ABC News Online, 19/01/01.