Airline seats differ in size

A recent legal case involving an obese woman and Qantas has brought public and media attention to the amount of seat room available on planes. The case involved a Melbourne woman suffering from obesity who required two seats but was told by Qantas that she would have to pay double the air fare. This situation highlights some of the problems faced by travellers requiring more seating room. The size of seats on particular airlines varies. The following is a list of domestic carriers and the width of their seats:

Virgin Blue
Up to 45 cm, one class only

Up to 50 cm, one class only

Ansett Australia
40-45 cm, economy class
50 cm, business class

43.75 cm, economy class
50 cm, business class
51.25 cm, first class

‘Woman gives up in air fare fight', Herald Sun, 15/02/01, p 8.