AMA calls for medical insurance reform

Prompted by the rise in medical insurance fees, a no-fault compensation scheme has been called for in a meeting attended by 16 delegates of medical colleges, insurers and the Australian Medical Association (AMA). AMA president, Dr Kerryn Phelps said that the rising cost of medical insurance would force doctors to provide reduced services, increase their fees or quit their profession all together. Record compensation payouts have led to Medical Insurer United Medical Protection requesting another full year's fee from members in a bid to raise funds. UMP chairman Mr Richard Tjiong said that only 40 cents out of every dollar went to the patient with the remainder going to lawyers. Federal Health Minister Michael Wooldridge said that it was not a Federal matter as compensation payouts were awarded by State supreme courts.

‘Having a baby in private will cost extra $250: AMA', The Sydney Morning Herald, 04/12/00, p 3.