Amazing Melbourne auction results continue

There were 355 auctions of residential property held in Sydney on the weekend, with 61 per cent producing a sale. Those results are an improvement on last year’s numbers, when 42 per cent of 314 properties were sold on the 25th October weekend. Last week 65 per cent of 295 properties were sold at auction.

Melbourne produced some amazing auction results last weekend that point to increasing buyer demand in that market.950 properties were listed for auction with 75 per cent selling on the day. Last week in Melbourne, 76 per cent of 681 properties sold at auction, while on the same weekend last year 47 per cent of 989 properties were sold at auction.

In Adelaide there were 46 auction with 57 per cent producing a sale in results that are broadly in line with recent weeks. In Brisbane 33 per cent of 52 auctions produced a sae on the day.

Source: Australian Property Monitors