AMP extends services to online trading

AMP has stated that it will launch its online share trading service ‘in the next few weeks’. AMP plan to outsource the back end processing to Hartley Poynton and the AMP branded site to a source yet to be named.

This initiative extends the range of services available to AMP customers from insurance to managed funds, banking and now online trading. It also means that AMP customers do not have to go elsewhere to trade shares online. The result is that AMP can retain and attract additional customers to its broadening range of financial services.

In addition Hartley Poynton, as a wholesaler of online broking services, extends its reach in servicing a valued customer base. Hartley Poynton already processes both online and phone trades at a discount to full service broking rates on behalf of Quicken, Your Prosperity, Eisa, Maus Business Systems and more recently BankWest.