Another lender slashes home loan rates

Aussie Home Loans has cut some rates on the Aussie Select and Aussie Optimizer fixed rate home loan products to new record lows.

The Aussie Select basic two-year fixed rate has been cut 0.30 percentage points to 4.39 per cent. The Aussie basic three-year rate has come down from 4.54 per cent to 4.49 per cent.
Aussie has also cut the full suite of Optimizer mortgage rate. The one, two and three year fixed rates are now all set at 4.39 per cent, down 0.20 percentage points.

The four and five-year Optimizer rates have come down from 4.69 per cent to 4.59 per cent.
These cuts apply to home loans over $100,000 (maximum $5 million), with a maximum loan to valuation ratio of 95 per cent, including lender’s mortgage insurance.

Source: The Adviser