Ansett ticket refunds: The latest

Ansett administrators have revealed that it had pre-sold 500,000 tickets worth $400m at the time of the airline's collapse.

National Australia Bank has agreed to pay for some Ansett flights booked by credit card before the airline's collapse. Only holders of electronic e-tickets paid for by Mastercard, Visa or Bankcard will be covered.

Thousands of travellers can now use their old unused Ansett tickets on the new slimmed down airline but only between Melbourne – Sydney, Sydney – Brisbane and from today, Melbourne and Sydney to Perth.

As a result, Ansett booking staff have begun the task of ringing passengers with bookings on or after October 8 to renegotiate their travel arrangements.

Other arrangements will be allowed if passengers have made other arrangements or no longer want to fly Ansett.

For those caught out by the Ansett collapse with tickets they can't use, the position as regards refunds depend largely on how you paid for the tickets. Here is a summary of the options:

Credit cards
If the scheduled flight date has passed, the banks, American Express and Diners Club will refund the ticket price. Refund forms are available online or by contacting the provider.

Ansett’s administrators will honour pre-booked future-dated tickets paid by credit card after a deal with NAB. Phone NAB on 13 13 00.

Customers with tickets booked today or tomorrow should wait until the scheduled flight date has passed to obtain refunds. Under the consumer credit code, credit card providers are required to provide refunds only if the service was not received by the customer.

Customers holding a receipt are unsecured creditors who must wait to see if there is enough money to provide a refund

It is too late to reverse or cancel cheques so these customers are in the same position as those who paid cash.

Global Rewards members
The Star alliance frequent flyer network has agreed to honour global rewards frequent flyer redemptions made up to and including Sept 14.

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