ANZ number one in customer satisfaction

ANZ chief executive Mike Smith was keen to report yesterday that the bank was the top performer in the Roy Morgan retail customer satisfaction survey, having overtaken its longstanding rival for the number one spot, St George.

Smith linked the improved performance in customer satisfaction with growth in retail market share. The bank estimates its share of retail customers at more than 20 per cent, putting it in second place.

In contrast to National Australia Bank, which reported some dismal retail banking performance numbers on Tuesday, ANZ grew its Australian mortgage book by 13 per cent to $136 billion and its credit card and unsecured loan book by eight per cent to $9.3 billion. Retail deposits were up 28 per cent to $60 billion.

The bank is claiming retail mortgage market share of 12.7 per cent, up from 12.3 per cent in September and 11.9 per cent last March. It claims an 11.1 per cent share of household deposits, up from 10.5 per cent in September and 10.6 per cent last March.

Source: The Sheet