ANZ Portfolio – 1 loan for everything

ANZ Portfolio is a flexible, convenient way to structure your home and investment lending under a single limit. It enables you to put your equity to work by allowing convenient access to a range of loan and repayment options.

Using the equity you have in your property to grow your wealth – ANZ Portfolio enables you to access funds at your convenience as and when opportunities arise.

Your primary sub-account – an ANZ Equity Manager account is a personal transaction account and you can choose to operate your ANZ Equity Manager primary sub-account with or without a credit limit.

You can establish up to 12 sub-accounts, each with their own purpose, and access a range of loan products to help you achieve your goals – whether you want to fund an existing home loan, buy an investment property, buy shares or a car.

You can modify or add sub-accounts as your needs change. And with a one-off approval fee you can access funds without paying further approval fees.

Source: ANZ Bank