ANZ releases goMoney iPhone app

ANZ has released an iPhone application that allows customers to send money to anyone with an Australian bank account using only their mobile phone number as an identifier. It is the first application launched by a major Australian bank that offers a “pay by mobile” function, which allows users to pay a third party without knowing the recipient's bank account number.

Users of the application, called goMoney, simply enter the mobile number of the person they wish to pay, and the amount. For existing goMoney customers registered for the service, payment is enabled automatically. Payment recipients who aren't customers of ANZ receive a text message with a website to visit to finalise the payment into an account of their choice.

After almost 12 months in development, the bank quietly launched the application into the iTunes store yesterday. The application is currently the number one free app in the finance category on iTunes and is moving up the list of all free applications, sitting at 27.

Source: IT Wire