ANZ says customer charter lifts service

ANZ says its Customer Charter is improving service but the problem of customers waiting in queues for longer than five minutes is proving to be difficult to resolve. CEO John McFarlane said the average waiting time in 2003 fell to 1.9 minutes from three minutes but at peak times one third of customers wait for more than five minutes. The target of answering phone calls within one minute had improved to 90 per cent by the end of 2003. Backlogs in processing mortgage and loan applications are being reduced but the bank was still forced to pay over $100,000 in compensation for failing to meet the promised turnaround time. Electronic banking services including ATMs and telephone banking were consistently available 99 per cent of the time last year. While there were 11 per cent fewer complaints last year, responding to and resolving complaints within 10 days decreased to just 56 per cent. Overall, there were 6 per cent fewer complaints by ANZ customers to the ombudsman last year.