Aussies choose good times over school

The latest in Bankwest's on-going Social Indicator Series has revealed that almost 400,000 Australian parents are choosing a ‘good time' over private schools in a challenge to the widely-held notion that parents are willing to ‘go without' for their childrens' education.

The Bankwest “Cost of Kids and School” report has revealed that almost a third of all private school parents would pull their kids out of school before sacrificing everyday luxuries like going to the movies or a holiday. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics more than 1.1 million children are educated in the private school system.

The latest Bankwest Social Indicator Series report shows that nearly 40% of Australians say they are not willing to forgo leisure/recreation activities (going out to dinner with friends, yoga classes, movies etc) to cover private education costs, while one in three say education costs wouldn't get in the way of a holiday.

Source: Bankwest