Aussies love Tap N Go and PayWave

Demand in Australia for contactless card payments continues to strengthen. There are now between 100,000 and 200,000 contactless-capable terminals deployed nationally.

Matt Barr, regional head of market development and innovation for MasterCard, said that today more than one in 10 customer-present transactions uses a contactless card.

Harry Wendt, Westpac's general manager of digital in Australian financial services, said that he had recently had a meeting with Visa and had been told that one in four face-to-face card transactions was now contactless. Wendt said he would not be surprised if 50 per cent of all face-to-face transactions were contactless within a year.

Coles' supermarkets, for example, recently noted that 50 per cent of all MasterCard and Visa card transactions were now contactless.

Source: Banking Day