Bank of Queensland. At least one bank is listening, thinking and acting.

For all those of us who think that Banks make arbitrary decisions and never give a thought about the consumer, think again and take a look at the latest offering from the Bank of Queensland.

Everyone hates bank fees, but even the most die hard socialists must now recognise that living in the ‘90’s means the user pays principle is the order of the day. So accept that branch withdrawals, or “over the counter” transactions are going to cost more than the “do it yourself variety”.

Except at the Bank of Queensland, where on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays customers can make over the counter transactions “fee free”.

The logic is so simple we wonder why it hadn’t been thought of before: Bank branches are busiest on Monday’s and Friday’s as customers do their pre or post week-end banking. So discourage casual transactions then, and encourage them on the other “quiet” days.

Yours truly is one of those bank customers who personally would happily pay a premium NOT to have to visit a bank branch, but for those of you who need or prefer the personal touch, this seems a great compromise between business efficiency and good old customer service.

Beautiful one day, Perfect the next. Well Done!

And its not often anyone says that about a bank!

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