Bank workers to strike over customer service

National Australia Bank, Westpac and ANZ banks stand to be hit by strike action later this week as their employers hold their annual general meetings.

The Finance Sector Union is planning a co-ordinated series of 24-hour strikes to draw attention to the declining levels of customer services caused by branch closures and staff cuts.

The union is also angry at the refusal by the banks to agree to a pay rise and guarantee job numbers.

The FSU said the bank staff were well aware of customer dissatisfaction within the major banks. This has been acknowledged by Westpac chief executive officer David Morgan who has produced the BBQ Guide to Hot Topics which provides staff with pointers on how to handle difficult questions when confronted in social situations.

Mr Morgan admitted the community expects a lot more from the banks and apologised to his staff for having to filed complaints admitting they were the ones who can truly build threads of common understanding and trust within the community.

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