Banks eat more of the shrinking mortgage pie

Owner-occupied housing finance commitments fell for a sixth straight month in July 2008 to a touch over 50,000, with banks continuing to increase market share. Banks increased lending levels by one per cent in July over June. The average bank value per loan has increased from $241,000 in July 2007 to $257,000, over which time monthly volume has fallen twelve per cent.

The damage has been done in the non-bank sector, with July volumes down eight per cent on the previous month and 55 per cent lower than July 2007. The non-bank loan average value has also plummeted from $231,000 a year ago to $184,000.

Wholesale lenders and permanent building societies are included in the non-bank statistics, but when separated, the demise of the wholesale lender can not be more prominent. Wholesale volumes were 7,889 in July 2007, but have plunged 64 per cent to be just 2,812 in July a year later, with volume declines in all but one month. The sector continues to struggle, with month-on-month volumes down eleven per cent, with average loan values dropping almost a third to $174,000. Building society volumes have more than halved in the last twelve months to 942, with the average loan value down from $212,000 to $193,000.

Source: The Sheet