Barton Capital to spin off eStar

As reported in the Australian Financial Review today, Barton Capital is to float its online broking platform eStar. Neville Wran, former Premier and currently a director of Powerlan is to be Chairman of eStar.

EStar charges brokerage at $30 per trade up to $40,000 and 0.075% thereafter, representing amongst the cheapest online trading for trades above $50,000. Access to the eStar system will cost you, however, $2 per hour which comes with a guarantee that orders will be processed within 5 seconds or the trade is free.

EStar has faired well in the recent www.consult surveys, with regard to the speed at which trades are entered into SEATS, and is looking to differentiate itself based upon the speed and security of its system. The software can be downloaded onto your PC or can be accessed via your web browser which allows investors to access dynamic real time market prices.

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