Beware scams and fake bank emails

Have you ever been made an offer that sounds too good to be true, that compels you to provide confidential personal information or asks you to send money especially overseas? Well it's probably a scam engineered by criminals to defraud you of money.

Banks are supporting the National Consumer Fraud Week campaign being run by the Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce. David Bell, Chief Executive of the ABA, said: “It is important to remember that banks will never send you an e-mail asking for personal security details like your Internet banking password or PIN. Customers should be wary of anyone asking them for their PIN or Internet banking password which, in all likelihood, could be a criminal attempt to gain access to your account.”

The ABA has partnered with the Australian High Tech Crime Centre and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission to create a website about how to Protect Your Financial Identity and it can be viewed at

Source: Australian Bankers Association

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