Book a taxi with a mobile text message

If you've ever been frustrated at having to wait for or hail a cab, then a new SMS service that uses mobile text messages to book a taxi could be of use. Called U-go, the software is being demonstrated at the GSM Mobile Congress in Cannes and has been developed by a UK computer services company. U-go will let mobile users send an SMS request for a taxi stating where they are heading, they will receive confirmation on who the driver is, their mobile number and cab registration. The software also informs the user how long the cab will take to arrive.

U-go's creators say the software will be particularly useful for travellers who won't have to know a local taxi company number to get a cab. Travellers will be able to simply type in the name of their destination in order to catch a taxi. The new service is currently being refined before being officially launched.

‘Have SMS, will travel', The Sydney Morning Herald, 20/03/01, p 2.