BoQ unveils new look and growth plans

The Bank of Queensland has announced an acquisition push into the south-eastern states as part of a major new campaign to win customers disaffected with the major banks. The bank's managing director, David Liddy, said that community resentment towards the big banks has reached an all-time high after recent reports of record fees and branch closures. The big banks have contempt for their customers, Mr Liddy said, but we're going in the opposite direction: offering a service renaissance.

The BoQ is looking for acquisitions in NSW and Victoria, and hopes to open 34 new branches within three years or less. Mr Liddy says his bank is building on its roots of being truly committed to communities and giving more service, not less, which is in direct contrast to the major banks. The time is ripe for “more nimble” regionals to gain a foothold, he added.
At the same time, he said, we have “all the bells and whistles”, such as Internet and phone banking.

As part of the new look, Brisbane-based BoQ has abandoned its 30-year-old logo. The bank's new logo features a burnt ochre colour to represent the different facets of Australian communities: regional, urban, rural and remote.