Bourse Data pursues a broad trading strategy

In an example of the technology age overtaking all predecessors, Bourse Data has acquired the full service broker Falkiners Stockbroking. Falkiners Stockbroking was the underwriter on the Bourse Data float in mid 1999.

Bourse Data has pursued an aggressive strategy since going public, including the acquisition of Hot Copper and an alliance with St George which gives St George an option to acquire 70% of Bourse Data by the end of 2002.

Bourse Data provides financial markets information online but does not offer online trading in its own right. The alliance with St George should allow Bourse Data to enter the online broking market via St George’s Quicktrade service. The acquisition of Falkiners will allow Bourse Data’s existing clients to access advisory and financial planning services which were, until now, unavailable.

While the acquisition shows the rapid rise in this sector, it also signifies that Bourse Data believes there is an important role for the full service broker in the internet age.