Campaign urges for no phones while driving

Telstra has launched a campaign to warn motorists on the dangers of talking on mobile phones whilst driving.

Research carried out on 400 Telstra mobile users revealed that phone users are aware of the risks associated with talking on a mobile phone whilst driving but continue to do so anyway.

The key findings of the Telstra survey include:

  • 35 per cent believe the use of a phone is a major road safety problem, causing many serious accidents. A further 40 per cent believe it is a moderate problem, causing some accidents.
  • Almost a third of respondents use their handset while driving to make or receive calls.
  • One in five send SMS while driving a motor vehicle.
  • Almost one in ten said they almost had a road accident while using their phone.

Telstra is working with the Australian Automobile Association, the Pedestrian Council of Australia and the mobile phone industry to raise the awareness of the dangers of mobile phone usage whilst driving. The “Drive Safe. Phone Safe” campaign will involve television, radio and print advertising as well as trying to come to agreements with the handset manufacturers to reduce the cost of hands-free accessories.

Telstra media release, 20/12/01