Cheaper local call plans take effect today

Residents in Melbourne and Sydney fringes and some regional areas can now benefit from Telstra’s new STD options, which take effect today. However, only customers who are pre-selected to Telstra for all their local, long distance and international calls will be eligible for the new rates but will not be switched over automatically to the new plans.

Under the new plans, customers who pay STD rates for calls over short distances can now make the same calls at local untimed rates under the new 25-cent Untimed Wide Area Call option. Customers in regional areas will also benefit from the new changes paying no more than 99 cents for a 3-hour call within 85km.

Customers will need to monitor their long distance calling pattern and work out whether these plans are suitable for them as the long distance rates outside these zones are more expensive. Under the 25-cent Untimed Area Call customers will pay a flat 26c per minute during weekdays, and 13c per minute for calls at all other times. A 22c flagfall also applies for each successful connection. The 99-cent Regional Call is charged at 10c per minute up to a maximum of 99c for the first 3 hours, after which normal STD rates apply.

Customers will need to call Telstra on 132 200 for homes and 132 000 for businesses and nominate their preferred STD plan.