Commonwealth Securities offers online money market investing

Commonwealth Securities (Comsec) now offers online investors access to the Australian short and long term money markets via its new facility Money Market Online.

On the short term money market you can now invest online in Bank Bills and Interest Rate Securities for terms ranging from three to six months. For maturities from one to ten years you can invest in government bonds, debentures, convertible notes and corporate fixed interest securities.

Traditionally bank customers have been restricted to deposit accounts and government bonds offered through financial institutions when wanting to hold cash or invest in the debt market. Money Market Online allows investors to bypass the traditional bank or financial institution and enter this market directly.

Benefits of this service include access to generally higher interest rates, the flexibility of being able to sell particular money market investments before maturity and the convenience of being able to manage this investment online.

The launch of this facility is timely given the relative uncertainty of the direction of world share markets and inflation. In such an environment your cautious investor will tend to prefer the money market to equities.

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