Customers reject nasty ATMs

Customers Limited, owner of the largest non-bank network of automatic teller machines, said transaction levels declined 12 per cent over first two weeks of the new system of operation of the so-called convenience charge.

“Due to bad press and what the banks are telling customers, people are saying, ‘I'm not even going to use an ATM because they've got a nasty feel about them',” the firm's managing director, Tim Wildash, said. He said average withdrawal levels remained steady.

Customers charges $2 each time to users consistent with the median level of the “foreign” ATM fee the new charges replace. This is also the most common level of the fee charged by ATM owners.

Two banks – National Australia Bank and Bank of Western Australia – last week to drop a reduced foreign ATM fee of 50 cents. A couple more banks including Bank of Queensland and Bendigo & Adelaide Bank still charge these additional fees.

Source: The Australian