Dealing room for day traders

A group of traders have set up The Dealing Room, a physical 24 hour room of computer terminals located opposite the ASX in Bridge street. While there are estimated to be some 800 similar facilities in the US, the Dealing Room is believed to be an Australian first.

Similar to an internet café specifically designed for day traders, The Dealing Room will provide access to detailed real time market information and a PC with internet access so that you can trade via the online broker of your choice. Membership is $95 per month and $2 per hour to use the room’s computer terminals.

Some of the features of the service are : cable and online news service with archives, real time ASX prices, high speed terminals, trade US markets, chat room terminals and an education centre.

The Dealing Room’s educational aspects and aim to cultivate a dealing room environment will appeal most to those looking to get more serious about their trading activities.