Don’t lock your card into Qantas says Virgin

Airline Virgin Blue has criticised the Qantas attempt to sign up credit card holders to its frequent flyer program exclusively by the end of March. Virgin Blue says doing so would effectively cut off consumer options to maximise their points by choosing the airline with the best redemption on any given day.

Virgin Blue Chief Executive, Brett Godfrey, has urged consumers not to be coerced into locking in to one program and locking themselves out of all others. “There is no need for Australian credit card holders to make any changes to their current credit card provider and certainly no need for them to be duped into limiting their options. Customers who choose not to lock into the Qantas program will be able to redeem their points with other airline programs, and many credit cards also offer a direct booking option with any airline, including Qantas, which means they will also be able to shop around and get the best deal on the day.”

Source: Virgin Blue