eBay backs down over PayPal

eBay Australia has backed down on its plan to force all buyers and seller to use PayPal. In an announcement posted on eBay.com.au yesterday morning and emailed to customers, eBay said it would continue to allow all existing payment methods on eBay.com.au. One aspect of the company's plan remains – eBay still requires all sellers to offer PayPal as a payment choice on eBay.com.au along with other permitted payment methods of their choosing. The move follows a public consultation convened by the ACCC in Sydney on Monday where just one seller rose to support the project. The project attracted scarcely any support, with the RBA, APCA, ABA, CBA, BPay, eBay power sellers, other online payment providers, Google and finally the ACCC all lined up in opposition.

Source: The Sheet