EFTPOS now mobile

Want the option of paying for your groceries on your doorstep? How about paying for an on the spot speeding ticket before continuing with your trip?

If you still have concerns about the security of using your credit card then a new mobile EFTPOS machine promoted by the Commonwealth Bank may soon make these a reality.

Released for use yesterday by CBA and technology firm Keycorp, the EFTPOS unit can be worn on the belt and is only slightly larger than a mobile phone.

Using the GSM digital mobile phone network, the unit will be offered to pizza deliverers, travelling sales people and Internet retailers. According to Nick Kennett, Commonwealth's general manager of cards and financing productsalthough there has been a lot of interest from law-enforcement agencies . He says the bank will promote it to small businesses as a safer alternative to carrying large amounts of cash.

Based on Keycorp's K78 EFTPOS technology, it weighs about 450 grams the unit self-destructs if tampered with.

CBA trialled the unit over six months with Woolworths giving Internet grocery customers the option of paying at the doorstep when the goods were delivered.

The Age Online 20/11/2001