EStar launches automated stop loss/start gain orders

EStar are the first Australian online broker to enable investors to automatically pre program when they want to buy and sell shares. The ability to place stop loss orders has been one of the most requested features from investors using the brokerchoice website, ahead of analyst research.

Investors using the eStar service can place a stop loss instruction into the system which automatically puts a sell order into the market if the chosen stock falls below a pre-determined price level. Investors can also place the start gain function that automatically places a buy order into the market if the stock price rises above a pre-determined level.

The new service is free to Estar users and can also act in conjunction with email or phone text messages to confirm that the stop loss / start gain trigger has been activated.

Estar can expect great interest in this service, especially from the more experienced investor and day trader who rely heavily upon technical analysis when timing the placement of trades. It also represents a set and forget option that to some extent will replace alerts sent by email or phone text message to warn investors of price levels being reached.