E*Trade offers international share trading

In November, E*Trade dropped its brokerage rate from $32.95 to $19.95 per trade. E*Trade has focused its development on tax reporting and international trading services.

In 2009, it added a free tax-reporting service. Clients can have a full tax report on any taxable items held on their E*Trade account.

Last year, it added a couple of fee-based upgrades to the service. Customers can have the standard reporting service at no charge or Tax Tools Plus, for $99 a year, which allows users to look at the tax consequences of selling different parcels of shares. For $479 a year, customers can have Tax Tools Premium, which allows users to incorporate other assets into the tax report.

E*Trade's other area of product development during the past year has been in the area of international share trading. E*Trade provides local and overseas trading histories and balances in a single account, with details available on a single screen.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald