Faint hopes for Ansett points holders

The new owners of Ansett are still considering plans to offer Global Rewards members something for their combined billions of lost frequent flyer points.

The Tesna syndicate, due to take ownership of Ansett operations on February 1, is believed to be considering returning some points to Global Rewards members based on their patronage of the new airline.

Ansett creditors as a whole are owed $1.9 billion, of which they are only expected to receive a return of 5c in the dollar. Even this minimal return is based on the assumption that creditors approve Tesna's rescue plan at a meeting scheduled for January 29.

Meanwhile, Diners Club is offering to act as proxy at the creditors' meeting for its cardholders who have lost points in the Ansett collapse. Virgin is offering 20-cent fares to 60 Global Rewards members around Australia so they can attend the meeting and put in their ‘two bobs worth'.