Financial first aid available

People overloaded with debt need to act early to repair their finances. Mark Bates is a financial counsellor with Lifeline Queensland. He says it is essential to act early if you think you might be starting to struggle.

"The earlier you act to repair your financial position the better," he said. "It is important to remember that there is help out there. No one wants to see you fail. The lender certainly doesn't.

Because it is so important to tackle financial problems early, Lifeline Queensland started a new service in 2009 called Financial First Aid.

"We found that because our waiting list of people seeking financial counselling was so long, people were in much more trouble when they got in to see us than when they first called us," said Lifeline's marketing and communications manager Deborah Morgan.

"The Financial First Aid service gives phone support and immediate assistance and that can avert a lot of problems later on."

Source: Courier Mail