Frequent flyers call for Ansett liquidation

The Ansett Global Rewards Action Group says that Ansett creditors will get nothing unless the airline is placed into liquidation. Jon Caneva, spokesman for the group, said he was “outraged” by the administrator's recommendation that creditors vote to put Ansett into administration rather than liquidation and said the recommendation is “a blatant conflict of interest”.

The group has threatened to sue the airline's administrators to recoup lost points if it failed to get adequate compensation from the sale of Ansett's assets. But the latest creditors' report, released on Tuesday, said they were now expected to receive nothing. Mr Caneva said that the group will move a motion at the March 27th Ansett creditors' meeting to place the airline into liquidation and that the administrators resign.

The creditors' report also revealed that ex-employees might only receive 92 cents in the dollar of the nearly $800 million they are owed, due to a $200 million blow-out caused by the failed Tesna bid. The Australian Services Union says this is a cruel blow to ex-Ansett employees, nearly 70 per cent of whom are still unemployed.